Catch the Light Breeze.
Rise on in to Asention.
This web site is a figment of your Imagination.
It's a mist-blurred half-rhyme of your contradictions,
done with trick mirrors, déjà vu, cloud cover, and Big Heart.
It's aurora borealis, straight from the wizard's sleeve.
It's a romance with non-logical knowledge.
Something's different in the world today.
Glide as Light Questions with no where to land.
Your thoughts flutter like sparrows and starlings,
locked in a reasoning cage.
UnLock the fence, get more by flying in the sky,
then even more by being sky-ness.
How criss-crossed each thing is balanced ?
bird upon sky, impression upon thought, phone call upon bars.
You don't need to take a guess when the only answer is yes.
I'm lifted away from myself, towards the sky light.
Fly up into the Circle, with today's harmony heart.
Twinkling of musical laughter floating on the clouds.
Cherish the artistry of being you and trust your ability to find within any given moment your special route to the next.

What's Here
Inspirations Sayings to Raise You up

Sky Writing Essays about Awareness

Flying Fart Stanzas poetic indications
Groovy a tribute to the Hippy Era.

Sly Cat Sky Chat

Consciousness Connection Network

What a helava good mess we're in,
pull out all the stops and play in the dirt.
I hope you find accents to your mind
space here and transitions to wider
horizons that foster gang buster eye lights.
After a spell, you might fail to notice,
that time has a direction.
Are you the wonderful creator of your life that sparkles like a diamond in the light? Smile to the sky, and brigthen your face. So far and wide, like the ace, glad around glide. Layered upon the sky I am, the sun that shines the light of a grinning racoon.
Can you remember to live in the joy of discovery-creation to fulfill your purpose? Magically float with all your star light friends, in this forever sky. If you allow the unexpected, will the itchy Universe bless you with an adventure to scratch?

With the eyes of a child, play with Creative Ecstasy so value added whoopee embraces the awesome fun that is you.
Mother Life's calling you to join her Starship System of discovery.
Become capable of stupendous manuvers of perception in the sky of awareness.
Is your mind actually capable of thinking on its own accord, beyond logical direction? How you would know?

spiritual enlightenment, new age poetry

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